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Digital solutions for efficient procurement
The purpose of Isource is to transfer the supply chain management from formation of demands to warehouse stock management into the unified digital contour. Digital tools make it possible for the industry to speed up business processes of procurement, logistics and supply, to optimize the costs and to raise production efficiency
About Isource
We have opened a Chinese representative office
Our advantage is industry expert evaluation
Isource products simplify a procurement process, reduce the supply cost, provide for the control of production and product delivery, enable to buy and sell industrial goods, to redistribute stock balance. They are accompanied with financial and educational services.
Digitize supply chains from procurement planning to the sale of warehouse stock
Organize corporate procurement
Control the production
Track the supplies
Sell the warehouse stock
Use consulting services
  • FEC (Fuel and Energy Complex)
We work for the industry branches
  • Construction
  • Metal industry
  • Machine engineering
  • Mineral extraction
  • Oil refining
Our competencies
Digital Solutions
International supply
Services on materials and equipment supply for the major FEC customers
A platform of services to improve industrial companies’ performance
Digital products
Plans and conducts procurement in an efficient manner
Puts the reference books, catalogues and price lists in order
Chooses a supplier and calculate the price
Monitors the manufacturing quality and checks the partners for reliability anywhere in the world
Take advantages of all products in a single ecosystem
Ensures turn-key deliveries on a deferred-payment basis
Procurement outsourcing
International b2b industry marketplace: from import to sale of stock
Traces trace the cargo and makes an accurate forecast of the delivery date
Helps to find a reliable carrier
Take advantages of all products in a single ecosystem
Teaches all the ins and outs of procurement, logistics and supply
Take advantages of all products in a single ecosystem
Learn how to optimize your supply chains
Take advantages of all products in a single ecosystem
Isource achievements
digital solutions
customer companies
The best marketplace at the CIPR Digital (2022) Prize sponsored by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of Russia
Top-3 largest suppliers of the national IT-solutions
The best supply chain digitalization — 2022
The best SW import substitution project for the oil and gas industry
Isource in numbers
tons of goods carried per year
4 mln
Logistics expert evaluation
Expert evaluation in procurement
e-procurement market
8 000+
product users
from proven suppliers
of proceeds
15 900
Our advantages
The accumulated expertise makes Isource the flagship of import substitution in the field of IT-solutions for supply management
We are inside the industry
Progressive digital tools
Confirmed results of supply processes efficiency growth and reduction in the expenses for procurement and logistics
Worthy partners
Isource solutions are integrated into State Industry Information System of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and comply with the industry standards of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information
Isource results
Goals, outcomes and prospects in the field of industry digitalization
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